Maize Essay

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| MAIZE BASIC | print the page Introduction Both as food for man and feed for animals, maize is one of the most important crops in world agricultural economy. It has yield potential far higher than any other cereal and that’s why it is sometimes referred to as the miracle crop or the ‘Queen of Cereals.’In India with the growth in demand of poultry feed the demand for maize is also going up. The following is the consumption pattern for maize produced in India at present: i. Human Consumption 35% ii. Poultry Feed 25% iii. Cattle Feed 25% iv. Food processing (corn flakes, popcorns, etc) and 15% | | | Other Industries (mainly starch, dextrose, corn syrup, corn oil, etc).Experts opine that there is a need to increase the production of maize in the country otherwise looking at the demand growth, India may well have to import maize in the coming years. Production of maize has been going up in eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. However, in many other parts of the country, farmers are shifting from maize cultivation in search of more lucrative crops. It is also widely believed that in the very near future maize may become a staple food for human consumption if the demand for rice and wheat is not fulfilled through increased production. Some estimates indicate that India may have to produce 20 million tonnes of maize to meet its requirement for human consumption, poultry, piggery, pharma industry and fodder by 2020. According to experts a maize revolution is likely in sub-Sahara Africa, South Asia and East Asia. The maize crop is extremely productive in the US. The crop has high generic yield potential and is used both as animal feed and for human consumption and is also required by the industry. Season Maize is essentially a warm weather or kharif crop and as such is largely dependent upon the rains. There are three distinct seasons for the cultivation of
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