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MAINTENANCE STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES 871st TROOP COMMAND HQ/HHC NGAR-TRC-CMDT 02 May 2011 1. Purpose. To provide guidance and assign responsibilities for unit level maintenance procedures and policies. 2. Scope. This SOP is applicable to units of 871st Troop Command. 3. Objective. To standardize unit level maintenance procedures and policies. 4. Concept. This SOP will describe unit level maintenance procedures and policies. It will allow the commander and maintenance managers the flexibility they need in designing and implementing an effective maintenance operations plan that will ensure maximum operational readiness for the 871st Troop Command. 5. Duties and Responsibilities. (a) Commander (1) Commands, directs, and supervises the unit and attached unit's maintenance plan. (2) Gives guidance and directs the planning and execution of the unit level maintenance program. (3) Provides command supervision to unit maintenance activities. (4) Advises higher headquarters of maintenance and repair parts supply requirements, support status, problem areas, recommended solutions, and anticipated future requirements. (5) Implements maintenance and repair parts supply policies. (6) Monitors the Army Maintenance Management System data accumulation, analysis, and transmission. (6) Reports improper supply economy or abuse of equipment and takes or recommends corrective actions. (7) Establishes priorities for maintenance support. (b) Executive Officer. (1) Reviews instructions issued by the staff to ensure conformity with established maintenance policy. (2) Supervises plans and reviews periodic and special reports to be submitted to higher headquarters. (3) Directs staff analysis of maintenance situations. (4) Supervises preparation of the

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