Maintaining Ethical Standards (Bshs/335)

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[pic] Maintaining Ethical Standards Latoya Blount (BSHS/335) [pic] The Case of Marge and Al In this case the couple has to come to therapy to work on the stress they are experiencing in rearing their two adolescent sons. In the course of therapy, the counselor learns that both Marge and Al have full-time jobs outside the home. In addition, Marge has sole responsibility for all the household chores and management as well. Her husband refuses to share any domestic responsibilities. The focus is mainly on the children and both are not showing any signs of any issues within the marriage with each other. The goal is to get them speaking about themselves so that the couple can see themselves first then the children. According to the commentary this is a fairly frequent dilemma for family therapist. The ethical issue that stands out to me is why are the children are acting out in a way does it cause a rearing. I would being to ask in what way have you tried to discipline the children. I next question I would ask is what are some of the specific issues you’re having that leads to rearing. I would have to get them thinking on a deeper level so that eventually we can uncover the actual issue at hand. As a counselor I could not impose my own thoughts on what roles are playing in the house. I would need to be careful not impose my values but clearly understand their values. There are several ways you can get them speaking about themselves by asking open ended questions. According to chapter 11 it would be a good idea to explore how satisfied they are with the current division of labor. (Feminist Perspective on Family Therapy) It is very important not to take a feminist view of the family. Families should be encourage to make their own decisions and it should be upheld by the therapist. According to chapter 11 they advocate for

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