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Eric Sua Eng. 125 1-24-13 Chapter 7 Chapter seven was very eloquent on describing how a “primary support point” and “supporting detail” work within a thesis. The “primary support point” gives “validation” to the “thesis statement” being stated, and to add further, the job of the “supporting detail” is to back up and validate the “primary supporting point” by adding in even more information to the topic at hand, so to speak. From beginning to end, every step involved with constructing a “proper thesis” all lead back towards defining the topic. I cannot help, but to be in awe about how much easier writing an essay or thesis feels to me now after studying the chapters in this book. Before taking this class, Anytime I heard the words “essay” or “thesis” I would shudder, because all that would come to mind when I heard them words is a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo, so to speak, and that alone would detour me away from the task. However, after reading the chapters and practicing the exercises I came to the realization that we (people) use the processes of topic, thesis statement, primary support point, and supporting detail in our everyday conversations when we express our views and opinions. In conclusion to this response, I would very much like to say that I am looking forward to the essay coming up soon and I cannot wait to apply the lessons learned in these chapters on the essay I

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