Main Onjects of a Food Company

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Main objects of Food Products Company 1. To carry on business in India and abroad of manufacturing, preserving, reigning, packing, bottling, prepare, manipulate, treat, market, import, export, improve, produce, process, prepare, buy, sell, deal in and carry on the manufacturing and trading in foods and beverages like jams, jelly’s, pickles, cider, chutney, marmalades, mayonnaise, mustard, desserts, coffee, tea, flavours, condiments, pancakes, doughnuts, vinegar’s ketchup, sauces, juices, squashes, syrups, soups, powder ( eatable ), drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, carbonated and non-carbonated, gelatines, essences, ice- creams, dairy products, meat, sausages, pottend meat and other meat products, marine and sea food products, table delicacies, fast food, frozen foods and other eatables, bakery products and confectionery items such as breads, biscuits, sweets, roti, pizza, papad, cakes, pastries, cookies, wafers, candoles, lemon drops, chocolates, chewing gums, toffee, lozenges, tinned, canned, bottled products, milk cream, butter, butter scotch, sauce, ghee, cheese. Condensed milk, milk powder, skimmed milk food, baby food, infant foods, milk products and milk preparation, soya milk products and preparations, soyabean based foods, protein foods, dietic products, health foods, cereal products , wheat cakes, poultry products , farm products, milk shakes, water ice products, yoghurt, mouth freshner, carbon dioxide for beverages. 2. To carry on the business of manufacturers and merchants and dealers and distributors of canned food, packed food, squashes, aerated water, mineral water, syrups, soft drinks, fruit drinks, milk and milk products and beverages of every description. 3. To carry on business as brewers distillers and manufacturers of and merchants and dealers of squashes, syrups, aerated water and of casks, bottles and other

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