Main Obstacles Promotion of Human Security Essay

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Main obstacles promotion of Human Security Human security is an issue that every country has considered and looked over. Human security goes hand in hand with human rights. In this paper, I will discuss several different issues that fall under human security. The topics I will cover are education in health, the use of private military companies and Mercenarism, the use of small arms and light weapons, and the 1925 Geneva Protocol and how it is a key piece in human security (not necessarily in that order). These topics, I believe, are a small part of the many obstacles that are slowing the promotion of human security. First I will discuss thoughts on what exactly is human security. Human security is a natural right to which each and every human is entitled. Every human has a basic right and it is partly government’s job to make sure that laws are implemented to ensure these basic human rights. However, it is obvious in today’s world that these laws are not always followed by society and individual citizens. Human security comes in many forms. The first form I will discuss is health and what has slowed individual’s rights to health. In developed nations such as the United States and England, it might be difficult for some to understand the basic right that is given to health. England, and possibly soon, the United States has a national health care system that citizens are entitled to use when ill. However, in less developed nations such as Sudan, Eritrea, Nepal, Mexico and the like, these countries face health crises on a daily basis. African countries have to face diseases such as HIV/AIDS, or Malaria. I spoke with a nursing student, Kari Seibert at a university in Oklahoma, US. I asked Seibert what she believed to be some obstacles that countries need to overcome in order to have a better grasp with human security. Seibert suggested education was something that

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