Main Ideas of Snake by H.D Lawrence Essay

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It is a descriptive narrative realistic poem . I want you always when you read a poem, always keep in mind that this poem is narrative, descriptive, regional, romantic, always make division in your mind, it makes it easier for you. It consists of 74 lines that are sided into 13 stanzas in a unequal length. Remember when we said that the form is like the movement of the snake and the cognitive process of the decision making. It records the poet's encounter with the snake at his water trough and he reveals his conflict deepening consciousness moving from the casual description to the confession. So he started with describing what happens exactly and hen he ended up confessing that he made a mistake and he needs to fix it. It records an actual experience in Sicily. A huge emphasis on the [s] sound. It has to do with the hissing of the snake. It is serious, harsh sound. It has a very detailed description of the encounter with snake, he uses powerful verbs and adjectives. Very vivid details about the settings. Who is the evil the snake or the man? May be both of them are victims of society. Self-confidence. Clash of opposites Themes: Social and religious themes: One is the social hierarchy. Concept of repenting: this could be both social and religious. The conflict between the emotional behavior and the learned behavior. He modernists emphasize mindlessness of nature as non-human otherness: they didn’t look at nature as the snake or the blackbird, they looked at it as we know it doesn’t have a mind. It is mindless object that we look at it is part of reality, and they use it as a try to say th philosophical about life. Remember apple picking it is about an issue in life. They are aware this natural elements don’t have a mind. Also, they emphasize the non-human of this natural element. The snake, even though it is personified, but we are remind that we

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