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Main Differences Between Communicating With Adults Essay

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Unit 203 Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults
Outcome 3 Assessment Criteria 3.2
Describe the main differerences between communicating with adults and communicating with children and young people

When communicating with people we need to look at the context and adapt ourselves   to the   situation. We need to make our language and communication appropriate. I think it is likely that most people do this automatically, for example if in a meeting at school or when talking to other professionals visiting the school we would speak in a more formal manner and on the other hand if speaking to an infant we would use a more fun high pitched voice using over exaggerated facial expressions to keep the babies attention.
There are ways of communicating which are similar between both adults and children. We should always keep eye contact and an interest in the conversation or activity, responding to what the child or adult says or does whilst treating them with respect and consideration.
The relationship between a child and a carer should always be a formal one when in the school or setting. Living and working in a small village I know most if not all of the children, so when I started volunteering at the local school, where two of my own children also attend, I found I was gently having to remind some children to call me by my surname and to leave discussions about my own children and what we may have done in our own social time until after school. We have to be clear and precise in what we say to children so that we don’t upset or confuse them. We need to communicate what is expected of them in a way that they clearly understand this will teach them to communicate well themselves, to do this we need to use language and verbal expressions that are appropriate to their level and age.

Physical communication should be discouraged with children,   sometimes this can be easier said than done as very young children are used to...

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