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Last summer my brother got married, at his reception I gave a toast as the maid of honor, to the newly married couple. I was nervous about the speech mostly because my audience was my family and extended families. I did come up with an outline, but changed my mind and decided to wing it without a written paper. This is slightly similar to the toast I gave. “Good evening, everyone! For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Megan, Mr. Miller’s sister and Sarah’s maid of honor and I’d like to start by congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Miller, and thanking you all for being here today to celebrate the beginning of their marriage! Congratulations Shawn and Sarah! I’m so happy my brother has found the woman of his dreams to fulfill his life with and raise a family with. Together you have helped to overcome hardships and have grown together to make each other stronger. Since we’ve been children my brother has always protected me and guided me. He gave me wisdom and taught me about life. We’ve been through highs and lows together and always offered one another a shoulder to cry on. Now, not only do I have a brother, I have a sister. Sarah and I have acted like sisters in countless ways. Some days a sister can be your best friend, another you might be fighting over the cattiest issue. That’s just how it is, but we’ve grown to love each other and I’ve gotten to know her and feel as comfortable and close to her as I would my own family. As you enter into marriage this marks a transformation in your relationship, as well as your children’s lives as well. Instead of focusing on the relationship that I have with the both of you, I would like to focus on the bride and give my brother a few pointers. 1. Sarah is in charge. You should always remember “Happy wife, Happy Life.” As long as you remember and follow it, your life will transform together effortlessly. 2. Your

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