Maia's Diary Entry Form Journey to the Riversea

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20th October 1910 Dear Diary, My first day with the Carters was nothing like I expected. When I arrived at the docks I was certain that the twins would be there to greet me, but there was no sign of them. I suddenly felt very forlorn. “What if they had forgotten me!” Miss Minton reassured me, but I think she was scared too! I waited for over an hour when a man with a crumpled cream suit and a Panama hat came up to me and Miss Minton. He was called Rafael Lima and he was the agent of Mr Carter. He looked extremely sad with his drooping moustache. We followed hi m to a floating dock, which had moored boats of every kind. He showed us the Carters’ boat. A serious dark green colour with only the word CARTER painted on the side. This was not what I had imaged there boat to be like! When we approached the boat, an Indian got up and came over to the boat. Lima introduced him to us. His name was Furo and he was the Carter’s boatman. He frightened me a bit because he was nothing like the other Indians we passed, smiling and waving. He had a dull, unsmiling face. We travelled for an hour up the Negro and the whole time Furo did not even try to interact with us. When we came to a low, wooden house painted the same dark green colour as the boat Furo pointed at it. I looked down at the jetty and standing there were four people! I was overjoyed seeing the two little girls standing there! Everything was going to be alright! When the boat came to a stop I jumped out, so exited to finally meet the Carters. First I went over to Mrs Carter and curtsied. She was not what I had in mind. She was plump with a heavily powered face, a double chin and carefully waved hair. She smelled strongly of Lysol. I was surprised at this as she looked like the kind of person that would smell of lavender or violets. I had the feeling that she was a germ freak and her life revolved
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