Mahmood Ahmadinejad Essay

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Dara Zojaji Our New Hero As an Iranian residence I have to appreciate everyone who helped Mahmood Ahmadinejad to become a president of Iran. He is a talented person that has a vestige influence in Iranians life. Since he became a president of Iran, he made a lot of change that improved the standard life style in Iran. I think everyone in Iran should be thankful because of him; he is the new hero that is trying to make Iran the new leader of the word. 5 years ago, before the presidential election, nobody could believe that an ordinary man can become the most important person in the country. Mahmood was just a normal university professor who suddenly became the mayor of Tehran just three months before the election. As he said too many time he became the mayor of Tehran just because of his ability and specialist and nobody helped him at all. So after that he believed in himself and tried to become the president. It was a tough challenged because he had to bit 8 other candidate. And by that time, almost 90 % of the population of Iran didn’t know who is Ahmadinejad and that mad the competition harder for him. But Mahmood of our story was stronger than what everyone thought. He showed to the world that Iran is the country that everything is based on democracy. So if someone wants to become the president has to try hard. No one needs to have the support of any political party or military or even the supreme leader, you just have to be honest and tell the people in your political campaign that you care about the country and you just want to solve the problems such as economical, political, social and etc. That’s what Ahmadinejad did and finally he became the first 5' tall president of Iranian history. In his fist four years, he mad Iran one of the best counties in Asia, even better than China and Japan. Before him Iran had huge inflation that made people suffer

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