Mahfood Case Study 1

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Risk, Loss Prevention, Emergency Plan Professor: Daniel Benny Case Study #1 Case Study You have been instructed to develop a security assessment and auditing program. You manage several regional security officers in the field who ensure that critical company infrastructure is protected from theft and terrorism. What kind of security checklists will you create to protect the infrastructure? Based on the vagueness of the task at hand, I feel that a general well rounded strategy would work best here, until more details can be obtained. Key points on this checklist would be protection against the threat of internal and external theft, including embezzlement, fraud, burglar, robbery, industrial espionage, and the theft of trade secret and proprietary information. One must also be sure to develop access-control procedures to protect the facility perimeter as well as high-tech facilities in other sensitive areas such as server rooms and executive offices. This would be spear-headed with the establishment of lock-and-key procedures coupled with the design, supervision and installation of anti-intrusion and detection systems. Now that the entry, exit, and perimeters are covered, I would move to cover the people inside it; by establishing control over the movement and identification of the said employees, customers, and visitors on property. I would then, on the behalf of the now protected employees, work on establishing an anti-work-place violence program and establish a means to assist corporate personal with internal and external threats. An overall re-evaluation of the selection, training and deployment of security personal, and determine whether they are contract or proprietary. Also the establishment of an emergency and disaster recovery plan with guidelines would be crucial. What will the checklists include? The perfect check-list

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