Magnetic Generator Essay

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The magnetic generator is able to generate cheap electricity right at your home! It is much cheaper to install than other alternative energy systems and also more reliable. It is not dependant on the weather conditions AT ALL! Magnetic generators produce energy all the time, without stopping. They are the green energy source of the future. As you are well informed, fossil fuels like gas, oil and coal are depleting at a faster rate and their reserves are at their last stage. Their fast consumption has seriously damaged the natural environment. An electric generator works by creating electricity when a copper coil spins around a magnetic or vice versa. A magnetic generator works the same way except it spins by itself not requiring any force. All magnets have 2 poles, North and South. This basic principle of magnetism is that opposite poles attract while similar poles repel. Magnet energy will be created each time these motions happen. The electricity created by the Magnet Generator works with the exact same principle. The magnet energy is created by magnetic forces pushing towards one another inside the magnet power generator. The more they push, the more electrical power is generated and is going to continue to be generated till a person removes the magnets. You literally must take them apart to stop the creation of electrical power because permanent magnet power generators generates current for as long as magnets naturally attract and repel, which they may do indefinitely. Tell her this, "I love you too but I don't want to just say it. I want you to know I love you through everything I do. I want you to know I love you because I care so much about you and would do anything to make you smile." THAT will make her love

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