Magnetic Field Changes Essay

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The earth has a magnetic field pointing almost north-south—only 11.5° off. The Earth’s magnetic field is generated in the fluid of the outer core. Electrical currents flow in the Earth’s molten iron core and generate the magnetic field. The geomagnetic field can vary on a range of scales. The Earth’s Magnetic Field is in a constant state of change. Scientists have known for a long time now that our magnetic pole is shifting and is beginning to shift at a faster pace. For instance, compass needles in Africa drift 1 degree every ten years. It is also believed that the poles North and South can completely change places and that this has occurred in the Earth’s past. The possibility of the Earth’s poles shifting has been the subject of books and movies since the eighties. Such an event could decimate the Earth’s population in certain areas of the world. Compasses and all navigational instruments would be affected. Wildlife would become confused. Migratory birds, fish and animals could wander far from their current feeding and/or breeding grounds and end up in an environment that is not suitable or sustainable leading to mass extinctions. Habitat destruction and loss of life to both animal and human is likely. Insects would also be dramatically affected as a result of fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic fields around them In addition, any fluctuations in the magnetic fields that occur on a large scale could knock out power suppliers, and communications could conceivably be disrupted for an indeterminate amount of

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