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Magnet Schools: An Opportunity of Education or Education Disparity? 6:00 every morning my alarm clock would go off. Already in the routine of things I knew to set it 30 minutes early because I subconsciously would pound the snooze button at least three times before I actually stumbled out of the bed. Now that I think about it I should of had my alarm clock across the room in order to insure that I woke up on time because I would often press the snooze button an extra time or two. Although the main reason I would hesitate getting up for school in the morning was because I was tired, it was partially because school was non appealing to me, as it was to most children. But my reason for why I found school so unappealing was because I was not being challenged, I pretty much knew everything I was taught and if i didn’t know it it didn’t take long for me to learn it. Now i’m not saying I was a genius or a know it all in any shape or form but school should be somewhat taxing to a student, and for me it was not. Since elementary school I was considered “gifted.” A gifted education student according to The Georgia Department of Education is defined as “one who demonstrates a high degree of intellectual abilities, exhibits an exceptionally high degree of motivation, and/or excels in specific academic fields....”. Throughout elementary school and middle school this was not a high standard to live up to. I can only speak off of the area I was raised in, which wasn’t known for having high standards on education, but gifted courses in my area didn’t mean much. Being a student that constantly sought challenge beyond the gifted program I voluntarily requested to be put into the magnet program at a local high school in my area. The magnet schools in my area consist of magnet students and students that resided in that area in general. Going to a new school can be somewhat

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