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Experimental determination of the formula of Magnesium Oxide Introduction In this experiment, the reaction between magnesium from group 2 (metal) and oxygen from group 6 (non-metal) will be observed. Heated magnesium reacts with the oxygen in the air. They bond to each other by ionic bonding. Magnesium will lose two electrons whereas oxygen will gain 2 more electrons (Mg+2O-2). The aim of this experiment is to find the formula of magnesium oxide. Magnesium burns bright red but when it mixes with oxygen will form a white solid magnesium oxide (magnesium looks doll red). The mass of magnesium oxide will be more than the mass of magnesium because oxygen from the air joined with magnesium. To find out how much oxygen has joined with the magnesium, we just need to weigh the magnesium oxide after reaction and compare the value with mass of the magnesium before reaction. To work out the formula of the magnesium oxide, we need relative atomic masses and number of moles of magnesium and oxygen. By finding the moles involved in the reaction, we can work out the ratio of the magnesium to oxygen in the compound (magnesium oxide) should be 1:1. A balance formula of the experiment: 2Mg(s) + O2(g) → 2MgO(s) Method The same balance was used for the weighing in the experiment 1. All apparatus were set up. 2. Safety glasses were worn. 3. The dry porcelain crucible + lid were weighted. 4. A piece of magnesium ribbon was cleaned with emery paper, coiled and placed in the crucible. It was cleaned because magnesium is a reactive metal. The crucible + lid + magnesium were weighted. 5. The crucible was placed in a pipeclay triangle and mounted on a tripod. The lid was placed loosely on the crucible, leaving a small gap, let air get into the crucible but at the same time avoid any products from escaping. 6. The crucible was heated strongly with a Bunsen

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