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Magical Realism: linking The House of the Spirits and Pan’s Labyrinth In a brief written response (1-2 pgs.), link what you have read of The House of the Spirits and the film Pan’s Labyrinth. Choose an aspect of magical realism as a lens through which to link the novel and film (see below). Your argument should be based on whichever aspect you choose, then support it with 1-2 examples from each work (novel and film). In addition to the suggestions below, you are encouraged to review the Magical Realism presentation, uploaded on ManageBac. Due: MONDAY, Dec. 19, 9am to class inbox When writing your essay, remember to do some prewriting during/after the film to get some ideas down on paper while it’s fresh in your mind. After you choose your focus, make sure to explain your connections and links in detail. Don’t forget to provide examples from the text to back up your assertions, and most importantly, explain how those examples support your point. Some possible areas of connection and focus: a. challenging the notion of polar opposites such as: 1. life and death 2. dreams and reality 3. the urban and rural 4. “fact” and fiction 5. the indigenous and Western b. creation of a deeper and truer reality than that portrayed by conventional realism c. exploration of the purpose of fusing the real and the fantastic or imaginative d. issues of borders, mixing and change (e.g. the woods, the river, the labyrinth, doors, etc.) e. authoritarian figures with the power to rape, torture and kill f. the status/power of women g. the reality of revolution and the endless struggle for a political ideal h. cyclical rather than linear time i. the author and filmmaker’s perspectives on the accuracy of events Grading: You will be assessed according to the following categories, weighted equally (2 pts ea.): a. understanding of the text b. interpretation

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