Magical Realism In Laura Esquivel's Like Water For Chocolate

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When two people love each other and try to hide their love between them is a very hard thing to experience. Also most of the emotions can be passed through food based on how you do it because it spikes a memory back. In the novel Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, magical realism was shown when Tita’s tears fell on the cake’s icing, when they served the wedding cake to the people, and how Pedro and the others reacted to the quail in rose petal sauce. First of all, magical realism is revealed when Tita was really sad because Pedro was going to marry so she started crying. For example, “Only the pan know how the boiling soup feels, but I know how you feel, so stop crying, you’re getting the meringue watery, and it won’t set up properly” (Esquivel 35). What this magical realism shows is how Tita’s shedding took effect. Later the day of the wedding, it was the time to serve the cake to all the guests. “The moment they took the first bite of cake, everyone was flooded with a great wave of longing. Even Pedro, usually was having trouble holding back his tears” (Esquivel 39). Here what this magical realism shows us is how the emotions of Tita and how the people got affected. Second of all, after…show more content…
She didn’t decide to throw them and decided to do a quail in rose petal sauce. “To spare the quail the pain she felt, Tita moved sharply and decisively, finishing him off as an act of mercy”. What this magical realism shows is how Tita is trying to make peace and just forget about the past. Later the family tried out the dinner that Tita did. “On her the food seemed to act as an aphrodisiac, she began to feel an intense heat pulsing through her limbs”(Esquivel 51). This magical realism shows how Gertrudis was the one experiencing the transmission of the feelings of Tita. What all this magical realisms shows is how Tita transmitted her sad and heart- breaking feelings to the people through the food she

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