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Magical Realism Magical realism is a theme of literature that is full of suprises and not knowing what to expect next. It has been used all throughout the world. Although it first originated by a German art critic, Franz Roh, it has become most popular in latin america literature. From what I have researched it seems many people have different onions on what exactly magical realism is and how it is used. Many famous authors use magical realism for all different reasons in their writings. I believe a lot of authors use this form of writing to symbolize special meanings in their works. Magical realism will help clarify the theme the author wants you to know. Gabriel Marquez is most famous for using magical realism. He received the Nobel Prize, which is the world's largest literary award. Magical realism is a writing style where the author combines realistic everyday details with fantasy. According to the Encyclopedia of Hispanic-American Literature the term magical realism was first used in Latin American literature in 1948. Amanda Holmes writes "The Venezuelan author and critic Arturo Uslar Pietri defined magical realism as a "poetic negation of reality," a characterization that contradicts later ideas of magical realism, which identify it as an accurate portrayal of Latin American reality (Holmes)." Many may argue that magical realism was influenced by surrealism because many Latin-American writers spent time in Europe where they were introduced to surrealism. Josephine Marie Diamond states in the Encyclopedia of World Writers "it is magic realism's relationship to truth that sets it apart. The surrealists used fantasy and absurdity to attack conventional ideas of reality; the magic realists created substitute ideas of reality in hope of coming closer to psychological and metaphysical truths (Diamond)." Although magical realism and surrealism have

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