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Ever since 1997 the book genre of fantasy has been changed. It was more so changed by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. In 2005 an heard of author named Stephenie Meyer tried her luck at the fantasy writing game and believe me, it is not an easy one. Her series Twilight, was not up to par. Sure it had won awards, but that was only due to the surprising number of fans it had attracted. Must of them girls falling in love with the simple forbidden love story line. In reality, Twilight lacks depth and texture. The characters are boring and you can see through them. Whereas in Harry Potter, almost every character has a relation to the plot and even their own subplots. Harry Potter is a more well rounded book with more characters and the thought process put into this whole series with it’s own land and spells created from using Latin words is completely better than Twilight. Some will say people now can relate more to Twilight. I don’t see how that is possible when it is basically a series about a girl (Bella) that leaves a sunny and hot town that she loves for no reason to go to rainy and cold Forks, complains about it, then goes to the school where she meets the most “amazingly handsome” boy (Edward) ever and he seems entirely repulsed by her and doesn’t show up to school for a few days. That seems completely off putting and quite frankly I would be a little frightened that he just up and leaves because of myself. Once he comes back, he is nice to her and tries to learn about who she is and what she’s about. Again, this seems weird. He’s gone and he comes back asking question and basically being nosy. He’s throwing all kinds of weird signals everywhere. Edward saves Bella from getting crushed by a car and doesn’t get crushed himself and he just hops over the car away from the scene unscathed. Excuse me? He should have died. But once out and about with her

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