Magic Realism Essay

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The Convention of Magic Realism in Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie The constant changes in the sinusoid of literary epochs and genres have given birth to the new mode of fictional writing, named by Franz Roh magic realism. The appearance of the new convention has shown the shift in the artist’s attitude towards reality. They have started to look at the world they live in from a completely different angle, paying attention to elements that have never been explored before. In this paper I would like to investigate this new notion in the contemporary literature, using as an example the work of Salman Rushdie – Midnight’s Children. The first part of the essay will be devoted to the general characterisation of the magic realist convention, its roots and difficulties in defining it. Later, I will try to enumerate the main elements of magic realism, using as a source of reference the article of Wendy B. Faris, entitled “Scheherezade’s Children: Magic Realism and Postmodern Fiction.” Then, in the conclusion I would like to touch upon the main themes used in the new literary genre as well as the overall importance of its appearance among the literary innovations. As it has been stated before, there is a great difficulty in establishing one sufficient definition of magic realism, insofar as the term names the convention consisting of a number of characteristics that overlap each other. The convention is very broad in scope and can be ascribed to numerous fields of art. What seems to be striking at the very beginning of trying to define the term is the juxtaposition of two contrasting words – ‘realism’ and ‘magic’, namely: How realism can be magical? Delving into the cradle of the magic realism, one can discover that this peculiar name has been coined by German art critic, Franz Roh (Spindler, 75). His understanding of magic realism was connected to the appearance of
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