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Magic Mosquito Net Bird’s-eye view of the article World's leading chemical company BASF and Grameen Healthcare Trust launched specially treated mosquito nets in Bangladesh on March 23, 2012. Nobel Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus and BASF President for Asia Pacific Saori Dubourg jointly inaugurated the nets at the Social Business Industrial Park in Kashimpur upazila of Gazipur district. Effective up to 20 washes, depending on local conditions, the fendozin-rich net would kill mosquitoes and other bugs within 20 minutes after they come in contact with it. The nets are already available across the country and cost Tk 650 to 700 a piece. The nets meet the requirements of the World Health Organisation and are “extremely safe” for humans and other mammals. The country's first Long Lasting Impregnated Net (LLIN) plant, which has been set up in the industrial park, cost Tk 12.40 crore and has created jobs for 800 people. This plant will produce all the nets needed in Bangladesh, not for one or two districts. It has the capacity to take care of the whole country as far as malaria is concerned. The specially treated mosquito nets are the first product of the joint venture between BASF and Grameen. The BASF Grameen Ltd was formed in 2009 to improve the health and business opportunities of the poor in Bangladesh. German-based BASF is the world's leading chemical company. Digging deep It goes without saying that a timely decision followed by the implementation of the improvised methods can mitigate the agonies of the general folks. Precisely so, once again the Nobel Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus came up with the idea to stand by the poor people of the country with a view to providing them the antidote to fight mosquitoes hence malaria and other relevant diseases. As it’s cheap and meaning no harm neither to public health nor to the environment, it should be patronized while

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