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Jasmine Cooksey Psychology 100 “The Magic Baby” This was a normal day for me just relaxing at home watching television. The name of the show is My Wife and Kids. As usual I think when you can relate your life to psychology you tend to be surprised. So I was pretty shocked when I watched this show and noticed a psychology concept. This show expressed Subliminal Perception. This is not an exact concept we disused a lot but we touched on this a little after watching Subliminal Advertising with Darren Brown. Subliminal Perception is when you have a reaction to a stimulus that occurs without awareness or consciousness. This segment was called “The Magic Baby”, in this show the father Michael Kyle was determined to get his son to answer his questions a certain way by feeding him the answers and having him touch his baby after. So Michael would give his son a series of questions and once every question was asked his son was to answer all questions, while holding the baby. The first time he asked the questions his son answered all questions incorrectly, so he asked the questions a second time giving the answer within the question. Example, “Son when did World War 11 start”, “In 1969 when did world War 11 start”. Although it seems cliché, the mind still has a way of processing information unconsciously. So when he was asked the question he had no clue what the answer was and he asked the question again pushing the answer he was able to get the answer correct. This was all about getting into his head and having him answer the questions without noticing the answers in the

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