Magi Story Essay

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The Magi are perfect examples of how an individual should exercise knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge, basically, is being able to take factual text from things of literature such as a novel, textbook, etc. to give your opinion on the subject with clarity and simplicity. Knowledge is something presented to you, as the student, being able to digest the information given to you and should give your overall assessment about the subject at hand. Something I used from my own experience, would be from taking courses, I’ll use one like Law for instance. In that class you deal with reading cases, doing legal research, and knowing the fundamentals of law (i.e. freedoms, rights, etc.); knowing to be able to comprehend the information; invoking your opinion with clarity and simplicity when speaking to others is something you need some type of guideline for? That’s where wisdom comes in, because in a way, wisdom is a guideline on how to achieve that knowledge you wish to obtain. What I do all the time is by creating a step by step guide on how to achieve that particular goal, and the necessary things I need to do to achieve that goal. You must find out three things: what’s the background on the subject presented to you, assess the information at large; finally, being able to support your claim. If one does these things, you will see changes internally and externally, whether academically (i.e. getting marks), or health wise (e.g. sleeping eight to nine hours a night).You end up finding that you should think “outside of the box”; finding creative ways to not only benefit yourself now, but also down the road, in any future aspirations I wish to puruse in life. In a way, it’s my own “self help book” that I can share with anyone

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