Maggie's Condition In The Secret Life Of Raymond Carver

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Maggie's condition throughout the novel is forced upon her by things outside of her control. She has a crush on a boy, like many girls do at her age, but is too naive to the world to understand his intentions. Her family is mad because they believe she is sleeping around. While she is truly just an innocent young girl with a crush. These misunderstandings escalate to the point that Maggie is kicked out of her home. The rumors that are spread about her then prevent her from returning. Maggie's situation provoked her to do things that she normally wouldn't have done in order to survive on the streets. As a young girl with a crush Maggie is totally blind to the real truth. When she first observes Pete her thoughts are clouded "Maggie perceived that here was the beau ideal of a man. Her dim thoughts were often searching for far away lands where, as God says, the little hills sing together in the morning. Under the trees of her dream-gardens there had always walked a lover." (Crane pg.19) Pete doesn't want to date Maggie per say, he just wants to sleep with her. He shows this when he says "I'm stuck on yer shape Mag." (Crane pg.19) When her mother tries to tell her that Pete isn't good for her she gets upset, because she truly isn't doing anything immoral. Maggie's mother doesn't understand…show more content…
First, she is a naive girl, who is basically taken advantage of by an older man. Then her family is turned against her, because of her alleged actions. Since her family doesn't understand the relationship that she and Pete share they accuse her of things that she did not do. The friction between her and her family forces her out, but with nowhere to go she must fend for herself anyway necessary on the streets. The situation that Maggie ends up in is not her fault, but the faults of the actions, or inactions of the people around her. That ultimately cause her

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