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Phil Collins Remembers the Alamo Phil Collins is a huge Alamo fans. More specifically, Phil is a fan of The Battle of the Alamo. These are all things that Stephen Harrigan learned when he got the chance to spend some time with Collins. In the April 2012 article of American History Harrigan revealed that Collins has been one of the worlds biggest fans of The Battle of the Alamo, beginning with his first preview of the 1960 movie The Alamo. In the few short days that Stephen Harrigan got to spend with Phil Collins, he got to truly learn the importance of the Alamo in Colins’ life. Collins invited Harrigan to his house in Fechy for an interview with Harrigan. Collins not only invited him to conduct an interview, but he also knew that Harrigan himself was also an Alamo fanatic. During the interview, Collins’ revealed to Harrigan his entire collection of Alamo souvenirs. Included in Collins’ collection is everything from famous paintings to swords and musket balls. This article provides an insight to why the Alamo holds a special place in Phil Collins’ heart. This article was written to show that not only historians hold a special place in their lives for history, but celebrities and average people do also. Some of those people just do lots of research on those topics, or just simply listen a little extra when people are telling about that topic. But often times, huge fanatics of those events go into such extremes as to become lifelong followers and collectors of those events. Harrigan also wanted to show that history can have a huge impact on peoples lives, whether it directly affects their lives or turns into a lifelong hobby. The Battle of the Alamo is an important topic in american history because it involved gaining Texas as another state. In the battle, the Americans were defending a crumbling mission from the Mexicans. The Mexicans had the

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