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R Dilling 16/01/12 Assignment 3 Magazine Article Assignment Brief You have been approached by a Music Magazine to write an article on a music artist. They want you to write an analysis (1000 words maximum) on how media has affected the career of the artist (both positively & negatively). David Bowie One of the most prolific and enduring musical artists is David Bowie. Few other singer/songwriters have had as much success in as many musical genres. Arguable this can be attributed to, not just his undeniable song writing talent, but also his ability to manipulate the media. Bowie has constantly reinventing his music and persona, which led to him being labelled the chameleon of rock. Something that surprises him . “I've always felt bemused at being called the chameleon of rock. Doesn't a chameleon exert tremendous energy to become indistinguishable from its environment?” Bowie has appeared in practically every news paper, magazine, TV and radio in the world but his first appearance in the Bromley and Kentish Times might surprise even his most ardent fan. In 1964 Bowie formed the society “International League for the Preservation of Animal Filament.” Because “Anyone who has the courage to wear hair down to his shoulders has to go through hell. It’s time we united and stood up for our curls." The interview in the Evening News and Star also drew attention to the fact that Bowie was also lead member of The Manish Boys, a name combined with the long hair aspect obviously designed to induce a reaction at the time. For the next few years Bowie was involved with clothes designing, mime with Lindsay Kemp, and musicals with Tony Hart. He also continued to write and record music. Some dubious, (laughing gnome, dodgy Antony Newly voice) some brilliant Cygnet Committee, Space Oddity. But all the
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