Mafia And Rdquo's Evolution

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Reflections on the Mafia’s Evolution By. E.Alston Reflections on the Mafia’s Evolution In today’s society we are posed by the threats of gangs such as “Bloods”, “Crypts”, “Arian Nation”, and many other gangs that are developed to form a family based on loyalty to one another based on sometimes, race, religion, and social interaction. Even though it is the year 2009 the infamous Mafia is one of the most well organized and successful organizations at committing crimes in numbers among themselves as well as others of all times. The Mafia is a criminal society that originated in Sicily, Italy and due to emigration of the Europeans to America brought along them selves utilizing…show more content…
“Joe Profaci was the first boss of this family that originally beared his name. He ruled from 1930 to 1962. He was a very prominent boss. Profaci was frequently in the papers, and he liked the attention. The only problem he ever encountered was when a lieutenant, Crazy Joey Gallo, launched an all out war against his boss in an attempt to gain control of the family. However, Gallo did not have much support, and he was soon defeated by Profaci's faction of the family. Joseph Magliocco took over after Profaci's death, but he died in 1963.” (Machi,…show more content…
Before Big Jim organized the crime in Chicago there was a separate group that controlled individualized labor unions, and one for gambling but they never worked together. John Torrio later took over what Big Jim had built after if had become larger and wealthier, and used it for a bootlegging empire. After Torrio was shot in January of 1925 he left Chicago, and Al Capone took over. Al Capone took over during the violent shooting war, which Capone’s gang ultimately achieved victory in by defeating, collaborating, or running away the other gangs. Capone’s career ended when he was charged and arrested for tax evasion by the federal

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