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Article on Maestro by Maria Joseph Area of Study 1: Reading & Responding Article by Maria Joseph MAESTRO Peter Goldsworthy INTRODUCTION Peter Goldsworthy was born in Minlaton, South Australia, in 1951, and now lives in Adelaide. Like Paul Crabbe, Goldsworthy finished his schooling at Darwin High School. He graduated in Medicine from the University of Adelaide in 1974, and now devotes his time equally between being a doctor and writing poetry, short fiction and novels. Some of his other novels include Honk If You are Jesus (1992), Wish (1995), Keep it Simple, Stupid (1996) and Three Dog Night (2003). Maestro appeared at number 22 on the Australian Society of Authors’ list of the top 40 Australian books ever published. BRIEF SYNOPSIS Maestro is the story of Paul Crabbe, a teenager growing up in Darwin in the late 1960s, and his relationship with his difficult and mysterious piano teacher, Herr Eduard Keller, the ‘maestro’ of the title. The episodic structure of the novel covers ten formative years in Paul’s life, from 1967 when he is fifteen, to 1977 when he is twenty-five years old. As a teenager Paul believes he will be a great concert pianist. Keller, however, takes him back to basics in his lessons and slowly reveals to Paul what it means to be ‘great’. As the narrative proceeds, Paul learns more about Keller’s secretive past in Austria – he was a renowned musician, and his Jewish wife Mathilde and son Eric were murdered in the Nazi death camp, Auschwitz. Paul is torn between his classical music and his relationships with his peers including Rosie, his girlfriend, and the rock band Rough Stuff. Paul is on a journey to discover more about Keller and in the process learn more about himself. The novel concludes after Paul’s failed attempt at becoming a concert pianist. Keller dies and Paul finally, but perhaps not fully, understands his remarkable maestro.

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