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Maestro Quotes I was child enough – self centred enough – to think it likely. P. 5 You are going to be better than me. Much better. P. 8 All the scum in the country has somehow risen to this one town…All the drifters, the misfits…p. 8 But the music, as always, drew me – that beautiful, tugging gravity…p. 9 You are spoilt…First you must learn to listen. P. 12 I find it hard to understand how much I came to love the man, to depend on him. P. 13 You know so much for your age…and so little. P. 14 They sought forgetfulness, not remembrance…A town populated by men who had run as far as they could flee. P. 17 Perhaps there can be no perfection. Only levels of imperfection. P. 31 You must know when to move on. To search too long for perfection can also paralyse. P. 31 I redoubled my efforts to defy the theory of limits and approach ever more closely – and finally grasp – the ideal I was sure he felt me incapable of reaching. P. 32 The boy is too given to self satisfaction. P. 43 The forgery must have taken many times longer than the original…It was technically better…And yet something was missing. Not much – but something. P. 46 It is insincere. So much showing off. P. 49 It is you who is ignorant. P. 71 Contempt and self hatred fuelled the singing in the voice…p. 73 I was too insensitive. P. 86 He read those newspapers as closely as Bible texts, as though some sort of answer, or final explanation, or even cure could be discerned there, given enough time. P. 103 You are my teacher…You’ve been like a father. Taught me everything I know. P. 115 Only now can I recognize the scene for what it was: a confessional, a privilege that I, through selfishness and sensual addiction, failed to accept. P. 117 Everything he had taught me – every opinion, every phrasing, every note – hard hardened into dogma. P. 123

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