Maestro Music Impacts

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Music is a necessary part of society as it is one way that people in society express themselves and interact with each other, music shapes who we are and our communication with others. In Maestro,music plays a vital role in the lives of all the characters, where relationships, values and personalities are developed. This is shown through Paul’s burning desire for perfection and Keller’s development of guilt and regret. The style of music a person prefers also reveals much about them. In Maestro, music is often viewed as a competition; Paul is persistently pushing himself to improve his piano-playing skills.Paul's piano skills soon became a quest for perfection. This was motivated by his father, John Crabbe, that his son would become a much better musician than he was. It was also motivated by Keller's desire to train Paul as he would have his son, to teach him to be the best and avoid his own mistakes. But above all, Paul strives for perfection for himself. He trains to extreme measures with Keller and does not want to give up even when his parents have proudly submitted that their son will be a great musician. Paul gives up his study of law to concentrate on improving his piano skills, and becomes overconfident in his talents. With 2 years of travelling, Paul aims to be a concert pianist. However, Paul ultimately fails in his pursuit for perfection. He achieves unsatisfactory results in many competitions, and instead of becoming a renowned and famous concert pianist, he becomes a piano teacher at a school. As Keller stated, “the difference between a good pianist and a great pianist is very little”, and Paul is ultimately unable to achieve that “extra little”. At the end of the novel, Paul recognized the fact that Keller was a much better pianist than he will ever be. Keller had a strong talent in music. Despite his great skill on the piano making him a
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