Maestro explores the impossibility of the characters escaping the influence of the past.

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Peter Goldsworthy's Maestro focuses on the struggle of central characters' to overcome the effects of the past. Eduard Keller and Mr Crabbe each experiences a deep sense of loss from the past. Both attempts to free themselves from the impacts of the past. Keller carries a relentless guilt about his family's death and blames his passion for music. He attempts to escape the loss of his family by removing himself from Vienna to Darwin. Yet he still cannot forget both his family and love of music. Similarly, Mr.Crabbe is resentful of World War 2 which ruined his dream of becoming a concert pianist. His attempt to compensate his loss by pressuring Paul to become a concert pianist is futile because he remains bitter and resentful. In the end, both fails to defeat the powerful effects of past experiences. On the other hand, Goldsworthy shows how Paul overcomes his arrogant and insensitive attitude as a child and becomes more sensible individuals. Goldsworthy illustrate Keller's suffering from his painful past and how his attempt to forget it fails. He believed that he could save his family by performing for Hitler. However after his beloved wife and child were murdered in the Holocaust, he is unable to perceive life the way he did before the war. He goes to the extent of cutting off his right finger in order to punish himself for his love of music and his misguided arrogance. After the war, he also removes himself physically from Vienna to Darwin where there is no musical culture. Goldsworthy suggest his punishment and isolation still fails to erase his past as he still keeps family photo on the piano. His effort to disconnect from memory being unsuccessful is further reinforced in a scene where he is “wobbling to his feet, shouting in German and ” when he hears Wagner music. Goldsworthy describes this scene by Paul's narrative as a spectator of the event, in an

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