Maestro Distinctively Visual

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English task #3 Through the use of descriptive language an author is able to portray the distinctively visual to the reader, which is able to alter their perceptions of characters and setting. Peter Goldsworthy is able to achieve this in 'Maestro' in many different ways. Examples include the use of imagery from Paul's journey to Adelaide and the idea that first impressions mean everything. Imagery used in Paul's trip to Adelaide creates a distinctively visual setting for the reader. Threw out this book Goldsworthy uses many descriptive tools such as descriptive adjectives, similes, metaphors and personification to give the reader a distinct visual of both characters and settings. The quote “a water sprinkler twinkling on a postage stamp of lawn somewhere in the desert”. In this chapter of the book you know that Paul has feelings for Keller and being so far away from him can make the reader sympathize or empathize with Paul and the way he is feeling. Goldsworthy also uses imagery for first impressions for both Paul and the reader. At the start of the book when Paul meets Keller for the first time we get a really strong visual of Keller’s physical appearance. “The red glow of his face – a boozer’s incandescent glow. The pitted sun-coarsened skin- a cheap ruined leather. And the eyes: an old man’s moist wobbling jellies. But then . . . the suit: white linen, freshly pressed. And absurdly, in that climate- the stiff collar and tie.” In this quote you can get a very in depth description of Keller and what Paul’s first impression of Keller was. You can also see the contrast where his face shows a man full of experiences and his suit suggests a formal
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