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Maestro- Task 1 1. This quote is from Paul’s father talking about Darwin, using a quote from Banjo Patterson. This is due to the rain ending him and Paul’s mother play the piano, and the effects that the humidity are having Paul’s father. 2. This quote from the book is about the gap between good and great pianists. This is said by the Maestro to Paul, when Paul is approaching whatever musical essence Keller is seeking. This quote relates to the novel as a whole in the fact that Paul is always continually trying to bridge the gap between a good and great pianist, perfection; but this is always achingly just out of reach. 3. This quote is from Keller to Paul, telling about Vienna’s falseness and disguise. It is when Paul begins to get to know Keller a bit more, and Keller has begun to open up, So Paul continues to ask questions of Keller’s life and unknown history, trying to draw him out, to understand him. 4. This quote is about Paul’s thoughts towards Keller, and his decision – Keller or Rosie? This is when Keller finally beings to open up to Paul at their last lesson before Paul leaves Darwin. Keller starts to tell Paul about his life, but Rosie is waiting outside in the car. Paul could not recognise the situation for what it was: a rare confession from Keller and through selfishness and sensual addiction he leaves for Rosie. 5. This quote is from Keller to Paul. It is Keller describing to Paul why he chose to stay in Vienna during Hitler’s regime, how the thought that his family was safe from the Nazis, he was assured that Jewish members of German families would not be harmed. 6. This quote is from Paul, thinking about himself for the first time, his current predicament; greying, dissatisfied, fast approaching mid – life, but never for one moment, even at his most unguarded, deluding himself. Paul was never able to achieve musical

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