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Section 1: Darwin 1967 1. Maestro is a very old fashioned and ethnic person, he believe in old values and doing things the old fashioned way even if it may be the longer way. . Maestro has most of the little finger on his right hand is missing. The way his red face “a boozers incandescent glow” and ‘coarsened’ skin cheap ruined leather” obviously shows us that he is a older man and really elaborates on every detail giving the reader as much as possible, he has a weird but good dress style for the climate temperatures of hot Darwin, his style is described as; “a suite white lined freshly pressed, stuff collar and tie”. Paul is first conveyed as a shy individual and this is shown when his mother is pushing him to meet the maestro. Maestro seems like a very peculiar person whereas Paul is more dazed and withdrawn. Both the maestro and Paul share the passion for the piano and music in general. 2. Paul’s father uses a very straight forward quote from a Banjo Paterson song “A city of booze, blow, and blasphemy” to used to characterize the setting of Darwin. 3. Paul’s parents seem to very straight edge, your typical everyday couple. They treat Paul like a bit of a child and believe they know what’s best for him. His mother appears to be a good house wife, always makes sure dinner is ready for her husband when he comes back from work. Paul’s father is very stern and short tempered, wants Paul to have the best opportunities to become a great pianist. His father is very persistent and firm with all decisions made by him Section 2: Intermezzo 4. Whilst in Adelaide Paul learns Maestros birthday, 1887, but bizarrely also finds his date of death, 1944. Paul also learns Maestro had a wife who was a victim of the war and died in Auschwitz in 1942. Section 3: 1968 5. this chapter demonstrates how much Paul’s maturity levels grow . Sexually, he becomes conscious

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