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Maestro Characters: Eduard Keller: Piano teacher, strict, trains John Paul Crabbe: Protagonist in the story, takes lessons from Herr Keller pressured by his parents who want him to become a professional. John Crabbe: Stereotypical dominant farther. Living lost piano dreams through his son. Nancy Crabbe: John’s mother, gentle kind and fragile. Bennie: Paul’s child hood friend, a minor. Megan Murray: Paul’s love interest at a young age. Jimmy Papas: School bully, older child, rough and relentless. Scotty Mitchell : Megan’s boyfriend. Rosie Zollo: Befriends Paul in his second year of high school, the new French teachers daughter, a beginner at piano and often listens to Paul play at lunch time. Reggie Lim: Plays bass guitar in Scotty’s band. Rick Whitlely: Local radio, famous person. Mrs. Wallace: Paul’s grandmother. Wilfred: Paul’s grandfarther. Joseph Henisch: One of Keller’s friend he used to play with. Chapter Summary: Darwin,1967: Introduction the Keller –Paul’s piano teacher. Keller’s constant dominance and odd methods are constantly evident. Paul’s parents Nancy and John are introduced, who each are very different to each other, the mother kind and gentle, the farther dominant and narrow minded. We are introduced to Megan Paul’s love interest and Paul’s egotistic personality develops strongly towards the end of the chapter. Intermezzo: Paul discovers Keller’s past: That he is listed dead and that his wife had died, also his involvement in the holocaust. Paul sends Keller a Christmas card and in return receives a signed piano book. Paul watches a couple in the library have sex, his sexually driven thoughts are provoked. 1968: Paul finally gets to look at Keller’s scrapbooks to find they are clippings of odd newspaper articles. Paul falls in love with Rosie and they have sex. Paul also has sex with Megan but no one finds out. Paul

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