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MAESTRO (Peter Goldsworthy) Reflection Statement INTRODUCTION Peter Goldsworthy is an author born in 1951 at Minlaton, South Australia and is currently living in Adelaide. In this text Maestro lots of images were used to show the reader the stages in life that Paul (Goldsworthy) experienced throughout years. As shown in the prescribed text Maestro the boy in the name Paul acts very similar to the author of this text, the similarities are that they both finished their schooling at Darwin High School. Goldsworthy also graduated in Medicine from the University of Adelaide in 1974, in this current time Goldsworthy has devoted his time equally in being a doctor and also writing poetry, short fiction and novels. Due to his devotion this has led him to write this great text Maestro. Maestro is a story about a young adolescent in the name of Paul Crabbe, he is a teenager growing up in Darwin in the late 1960’s, the relationship between him and his piano teacher, Herr Eduard Keller was very difficult as the piano teacher was a person with deep secrets hidden behind of him and no one could ever reveal those heart breaking secrets but him, he was also a alcoholic. The novel explains every step of Paul’s life. Ever since Paul was a young boy he always dreamed of being a pianist and to do so Keller became his teacher and began to teach him the basics and slowly progressed to harder levels. Keller had a Jewish wife Mathlide and son Eric that were murdered in a Nazi death camp in Auschwitz. This left Keller trapped between a life of music and his heart breaking memories of the death of his siblings. This text also conveys the relationships of Paul with his peers including Rosie, his girl friend. In the end of this text Paul begins to find out more and more about Keller and his secrets. Lots of images were used to allow us the readers to visualise what had

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