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Maestro – introductory questions on the relationships established by the novel’s opening. 1. Have you ever had an experience when your ‘first impressions’ of a person, place or experience were ‘misleading’? How did your initial expectations change over time? Yes, I think everyone has misleading first impressions all the time, but it changes overtime as you get to know the individual and understand their story, personality, likes & dislikes etc. Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that first impressions are not misleading. First impressions might also be the rock that you base your relationship with. For example, love at first sight. It is the rawness of the person where they truly be themselves and the other loves them for it. So initial expectations change over time when you get to know the person for who they are, whether it is good or bad – where they show their true colours. 2. The novel opens with a description of Paul’s first impressions of Keller – how did you respond when you first read this description to a) Paul and b) Keller? Who is narrating this description, and when is the story told? (Note: not when is the story set, but when does it get told?) How did Paul initially respond to Keller? Find examples of language used in the description which reveals the older narrator’s attitude when he was younger. a) Pauls first impressions of Keller, was that he was a little strange and very mysterious. Paul thought Keller was an incompetent man who wasn’t qualified to teach piano. Their first lessons were always very bazaar, even Pauls mother thought so. However, overtime Paul warms up towards Keller as he understands him more and sees the deep and greatness of Keller. b) Kellers first impression of Paul was that he was a boy with a very special talent but was covered with arrogance. He knew Paul was very skilled at piano but

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