Madonna Competitive Strategy Essay

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Presentation Q: Describe and explain the strategy being followed by Madonna in terms of the explanation of competitive strategy given in Chapter 6. Introduction In the pop music industry, well known for its one-hit wonders and short careers, pop stars that have remained in the top position for long time are very few. Among them, Madonna Louise Ciccone well known as Madonna is one. Even after being for more than 25 years in the pop music industry she is still considered to be the 3Queen of Pop ́. This case study describes about how she adopted and reinvented new persona of herself through time since she started a music career in 1983. In 1983, through hits like 3Holidays ́ and 3lucky star ́ she targeted young girls. In 1984, through another video hit 3material girl ́, she made a sexual pussy cat image for herself attracting 1980¶s men towards her. In her 1989, music releases 3like of prayer ́, she took over the Catholic Church holding a critical social theme then she started her own company 3Maveric ́. In 1991, she published a coffee table book featuring her erotic pictures. In year 1996, she took the lead role in a film called 3Evita ́. This transition of her from an erotic to scent like persona brought her lot of critical appreciation and acclamation. In the year 1999, P & G owned cosmetic brand Max Factor signed her up for their re launch promotion campaign. By 2001, with her marriage, to a British movie director Guy Ritchie this American lady Madonna earned a new name in the British press ± Madge. In year 2003, she published a children¶s book 3The English Roses ́. In the late 2005, released an album 3Confessions on a Dance Floor ́, this album made a world record for a solo female artist by selling more than eight million copies by the end of the year 2007. In March 2008, Madonna entered into 3Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ́. In 2009 MTV Music Awards held

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