Madness of Adolf Hitler Essay

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Tommy Lipper Ms. Jenkins Acc. WH2; C Set 1 May 2012 The Madness of Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was raised as any other boy was. Though, as a child, there were noticeable differences in his behavior from most other children in his time, most of which were negative. These traits were mere foreshadows of what young Adolf would become in his adult life. As he grew up, Adolf Hitler began to publicly voice his opinions. After leaving his homeland of Austria, feeling that he could no longer support what he felt was a regressing nation, he found home in Germany and learned a fair amount about public speaking and expressing his opinions. As a young adult, he formulated ideals of a perfect German society, and eventually became determined to revolutionize Germany altogether. He joined the National Socialist German Workers' Party, and began to gain power in the German government and ultimately took complete control over Germany in his adulthood. His desires and wishes became reality, however these desires were cruel and inhumane. Although his intentions to reform Germany were highly radical and were opposed by many, the German people could not thwart Hitler's schemes. Hitler unscrupulously murdered many Germans and people living in land conquered by the German Empire during World War II because of their race, sexual orientation, political viewsor disabilities. Hitler had undoubtedly become a corrupt totalitarian. Characteristics of Adolf Hitler's early life lead to his corrupt reign as Führer of Germany, where he completely mistreated Jews, Gypsies, the sick and handicapped, homosexuals, communists, and social democrats through amoral actions, such as segregation, euthanasia, imprisonment by concentration camps, and having racist ideals. Signs of Hitler's corruption were present in early life as a child and as a young adult. For example, Hitler had an

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