Madness Of King George

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Hallucinations, erratic behavior, or maybe even complete mental insanity would be just a few ways to describe King George III in Nicolas Hytner’s 1994 film, The Madness of King George. The story begins in 1788 with the king still finding it difficult to come to terms with the loss of the colonies in North America. The then prime minister, William Pitt the Younger, and the king are far from great friends, but they have a way of getting on. The king busies himself with other activities, outdoor sport and family life. His wife, Queen Charlotte has borne him 15 children, and their relationship is a tender and genuine love affair. Things begin to go askew, when George's mental state deteriorates. Accompanied by symptoms of acute abdominal pain, discolored urine, and fever, George's unrestrained behavior is increasingly outrageous and it soon becomes clear that he is not fit to rule. His son and heir, the opportunistic and idle Prince of Wales, sees a chance for power and with the help of Pitt's rival politician, a bill is proposed to establish the prince regent, reigning in the king's stead. They prescribe a treatment of blistering, purgatives, and hot baths, but there is no improvement. As the king's condition deteriorates, Dr Willis, a determined doctor with experience of treating such symptoms, is summoned. He is not nice and makes it clear that he will not tolerate any misbehavior. By luck or good judgment, George's recovery is a success. He returns to the senate to take his position on the throne and to lambast his plotting
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