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A Virtual Tale Of True People A Virtual Tale Of True People 1 Introduction Ya, where to start from? Ok, I will start by giving and intro of each MADN name by name, that would be surely be the right and interesting way to start with. Firstly, Mattu or Shubham. A totally mad, fully out of sense guy but had something special. He was the only one in our group who understands the true meaning of friendship and had saved MADNs from splitting in every twist and turn of life. He is a boy of 15, of middle height little fat and little blackish in colour. And how can I forget to mention the place he belonged to, Matkuli, a small village near Pachmarhi which made all call him Matkuli which was later transformed to Mattu by us. He in fact has a very significant role in this tale. He can be, in short called a man on which you can depend as a best friend and he insures that he will be there whether it is sorrow or pain or whether it is joy and will support you in every phase of life as a friend. Now transferring or attentions to the 3 A s namely- Amit, Asad and Ankur. Starting with Amit or Dubey as we nicknamed him, a logical pal of ours with brain thinking 24-hours about the ultimate goal and making strategies to achieve it. He was the real planner of MADNs and I would say his plans really worked as he thought differently and a step ahead which made us proud of him. He was firstly called a pscho by Deep and Asad but later they too agreed that he was a real genius. He was so ahead of us that he made plans as quickly as a F-1 racer passes you while racing. Now, coming on to Asad or Gond, our weapon and trap expert and fact collector in computer project. He was specialized in making weapons and traps needed by us. He was named Gind because hi traps were like the one made by Gond tribes in Forests. The second reasons for that was his appearance- dark in color,

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