Madison County Sheriff's Department Analysis

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HISTORY The Madison County Sheriff’s Department was up and operating for eleven years before Alabama became a state. The first Sheriff was appointed in 1808, when governor Robert Williams created Madison County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Neal served until 1819 when the state held it first Constitutional Convention. . It was rumored that outlaw Jesse James and his brother Frank were held in the Madison County Jail after they robbed the 1st national Bank in Downtown Huntsville, Alabama. In 1927 Frank Reddick was sworn in as sheriff of Madison County. His first mission was to administer his new force of deputies and to instruct them as to their duties (Huntsville Times). As the years rolled past each new Sheriff that was sworn in…show more content…
The start of privatization in a number of correctional areas like medical care, food service, and the operation of entire prisons was a strong motivator for unions and management to band together. Since they have centralized, specialized training has been implemented for transportation officers, which has resulted in a safer and secure transport. The transportation officers are uniformed in the use of restraints when transporting, regardless of an inmate’s security classification. All inmates are being transported as they were maximum security despite their actual classification. The public safety and security will always be the guiding principle for inmate transport (Kroth, 1997). The rise of violence in court setting has caused the reexamination of the way the judicial process and personnel and the transportation of prisoners to and from court. The study’s surveys found that the safety of personnel transporting and prisoners in the courtroom is the most pressing concerns (Travis,…show more content…
In proportion to the burgeoning U.S. prison populations, the likelihood of more fatal accidents and other dangerous incidents will increase. Until a federal regulation of prisoner transport is put in place, prisoners, corrections department, and local municipalities will remain dependent to bid low on transporting of inmates for a profit at the expense of their imprisoned passengers ( The Sutter County Jail is located in Yuba City, CA. The Sutter County Jail Transportation Unit transports and/or provides arrangements for transporting all inmates for the Sutter County Jail. Inmates are transported safely and securely to and from court two times per day, four to five days a week. This division picks up juveniles from the Bi-County Juvenal Hall for adult court proceedings and transporting them to facilities once they are sentenced as adults ( The unit prepares prison packets, detainers, parole holds and transport inmates to State Prison. They fulfill court ordered removals and arrange for inmate pick up. Monthly statistics on jail vehicles and inmates transported to and from court are compiled by the unit. This Unit in 2008 was responsible for driving jail transportation vehicles 62,598 miles; transporting 3,537 inmates to court, and 507 inmates to State Prison

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