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Madison is a beautiful girl who is spontaneous, outgoing, and loving. Her hair is dark brown, almost black and is as soft as silk. Her eyes are brown like chocolate. She weighs twenty pounds and stands two feet tall. Madison has eight pearly white teeth. When I enter a room, her eyes open as wide as quarters. Her arms fly open and her hands open and close like a crab wanting to pinch. She squats down and stands straight up as if she is jumping without her feet leaving the floor. I have to pick her up and cuddle her because she is just so cute. She crawls all around the house and now is beginning to walk. She starts at one end of the couch and walks along the length of it, letting go to grab the end table. Once there, she will let go and slowly take two careful steps then stop. Stopping helps her maintain her balance. She will take three more steps, grabbing hold of the love seat as if her life depended on it. She loves to sing. You would think because she is as petite and delicate as fine china when she sings she would sound like a beautiful little robin but just the opposite. She begins with a deafening screech of dah, dah, dah, then she launches a bellowing chorus of ah, ah, ah. She has giant lungs for such a tiny framed little darling. She loves music. When she hears an upbeat tune on the radio or on the television. Her face lights up like a light bulb when her programs come on TV. Yo gabba gabba and Dora the Explorer are two of her favorites. When the shows come on and she hears the music, she starts dancing, bouncing up and down as if she is on a trampoline. Maybe she will grow up and participate in performing arts in some way. Madison has such a bubbly personality. I can be in the worst mood, just glad my day at work is over and I want to just

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