Mades In The Gulf Essay

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Maids In The Gulf Countries: A maid is a housekeeper or a person that has specific duties in a house. Normally the maid is a female rather than a male. Her duty is to clean the house, do the dishes, wash the clothes and occasionally cook meals for the family in the house. Having a maid is quite common in the Arab Gulf countries. Nowadays, most families rely on maids to do the housework and even sometimes take responsibility to raise up the children. Some maids face disturbing problems with their employers, like verbal abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse and other violent problems. Although not all maids go through these rough patches in life, some of them actually do. Why do maids get abused and what are the ways to avoid such treatments? According to an article Vishwanatha Saraswathie, 40, was working as a maid in Saudi Arabia in 2006. “Saraswathie faced immense problems with the sponsor’s family. She was completely confined to the house and never allowed to see even the daylight.” The article also mentions that she didn’t get paid for three years and wasn’t allowed to communicate with her young daughters or disabled husband either. There are around six million Indonesian maids in Saudi Arabia in which one hundred thousand of them get abused and sent back to Indonesia each year. In another article, Nepalese maids were also abused in Saudi Arabia. One of them was working 20 hours on a daily basis while the other was raped and abused by her employer, where she got pregnant by him. “According to the survey, maids in Egypt are tortured with electricity wires if they break a glass and in Lebanon one foreign maid dies every week, while in Bahrain maids are thrown in the streets and in Kuwait maids run away because of mistreatment, delay in wages, or for being overworked

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