Madeleine Vionnet Essay

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Introduction The famous designer, Madeleine Vionnet was born on June 22, 1876 in Chilleurs-aux-Bois, France. She was born into a poor family, with her mother a seamstress and her father a mounted policeman. Vionnet’s first apprenticeship as a seamstress started at the age of twelve, and by the time she was sixteen, she had gotten her first job at a fashion house called Vincent & Cie. When Madeleine Vionnet was eighteen years old, she was married and had a child. Unfortunately, her daughter died at only two years old, and eventually Vionnet’s husband and she divorced. Vionnet traveled to London and while being there, she started working for Kate Reily, another fashion house in 1896. After Vionnet returned to Paris, she started working for Callot Soeurs, one of the most upscale couture houses during the time. She referred to the fashion house as “the school of splendor.” In 1906, another offer was given to Vionnet by Jacques Doucet. He agreed to let her create her own models in his fashion house. Vionnet worked there for five years, and finally in 1912, she opened her own business in France only to have it close two years later due to World War I. By 1919, Vionnet got the chance to open up a new fashion house in a better location where it became known as “the Temple of Fashion.” Her house employed over one thousand seamstresses and became one the most well-known and respected fashion houses of the time. Vionnet made her employees feel comfortable with many luxuries and benefits. Forced to close one last time because of war in 1939, Vionnet had her last Winter and Summer collections shown. Vionnet still did many things in the industry after that; and it wasn’t until March 2, 1975, at ninety-nine years old when she died. Although she passed away, her legacy has still remained today. Inspiration Madeleine Vionnet aimed for the harmonious balance between the
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