Made in Dagenham

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Rita O’Grady is an important character in the film Made in Dagenham which is directed by Nigel Cole. She developed from being a shy person into a more outstanding and confident person. Her character is developed through the techniques used in this Film such as camera techniques, dialogue and costume. Rita goes from being a house wife to a leader, she develops public speaking skills and how to stand up to people and Rita also made history by having equal pay brought into the Ford factory in Dagenham. Firstly the dialogue used in this film conveys Rita O’Grady’s character by how she interacts with people in the film. In the scene when Rita was so upset when she found out that the teacher had hit her son she showed heaps of courage by how she spoke to her son saying, ‘I’ll deal with it.’ She made sure that her son was not worried about anything, she goes directly to the teacher and says ‘you hit my son.....I don’t want you doing it.’ This part of the quote conveys to us that Rita is ready to take risks because she confronts the teacher. When he is rude to her and implies that she is not a good mother, a close up shows Rita angry and embarrassed but unable to speak. This shows how humiliated she is. At this point Rita does not have the confidence or skills to say what she wants to. Further in the film Rita starts to stand up for herself. When Rita and Connie are asked by Albert to go to the meeting, the two bosses sit on one side of the room while Rita, Connie, Albert and Monty sit on the other side. As the meeting goes on Rita is annoyed and started to grow more confident in her when she realises that Monty isn’t helping them at all, and wanted to prove them right and gets a pieces of leather out of handbag and puts them on the table and said ‘There. You put them together. Go on.’ And explains that there’s no template and that all the pieces have to be sewn

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