Madame Cj Walker

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A woman, who once worked in the cotton fields of the south, decided she was going to promote herself into the business world. Born Sarah Breedlove, Madame CJ Walker decided she was going to beat the odds, and set out on a journey, that would lead her down the road of success. Madame CJ Walker used her personal experience with hair loss, and decided to experiment with hair care products of her own. Madame CJ Walker started a hair care business, which would make her the first wealthy African American and woman in the business world. Successful, humble, and blessed, she reached back to help many. Madame CJ Walker was a powerful and successful business woman, who overcame adversity in her life, went on to become a successful business woman, used that success to inspire others, and gave back to her community. Madame CJ. Walker once said, “If I have accomplished anything in life it is because I have been willing to work hard.” Madame CJ. Walker came into this world with odds stacked against her. Madame CJ Walker could have settled for the hand that she was dealt, but she made the choice to not sat on the side line of her life, but be an active player in it. Madame CJ. Walker was born to ex-slaves; she was actually the first of her family to not be born a slave. At seven Walker lost both of her parents to yellow fever. Madame CJ Walker had to be cared for by her older sister. As a young girl she had to pick cotton, but when the cotton crops had failed, her and her sister had to move, but found work as washwomen. Her sister married an abusive husband, and Madame Walker left home at 14 to escape the abuse. Soon after she married and had a child, but became a widow a few years later. Madame Walker remarried, but he was an alcoholic, and she left him soon after. She moved to St Louis, it was there she joined St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church. This church was the

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