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Madame C.J. Walker, born in 1867 just two years after the Civil War ended as Sarah Breedlove. Her parents were O and Minerva Breedlove, who had recently been freed from slavery. She worked in Louisiana cotton fields as a young child with her parents. Orphaned at age 7, she left home by age 10 and worked as a laundress, maid, and cook. Sarah grew up with little formal schooling because of laws I banning educating Black Children. Sarah Breedlove was the first self-made African American women millionaire. She made her fortune through a series of inventions, all of which helped African Americans care for their hair. In the 1880s, Sarah got a scalp disease the made most of her hair fell out. Many workingwomen experienced scalp ailments from lack of brushing lack of shampooing, and poor nutrition. She created an invention. She sold her invention door to door and hired a lot of employees to help her. With more people she could do more things, such as open factories to mass- produce her treatment. Her daughter, A’Lelia, owned one of the factories in Pittsburgh where she trained new employees. Door-to-door traveling stopped as mail orders poured in. Madam Walker used her rising social status to stand up for civil rights. She spoke at the White House and made the single largest donation to preserve the home of Frederick Douglass, one of the leaders of the abolitionist movement. She donated to scholarship funds for young people and also gave money to the National Association of Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Madam Walker’s business peaked between 1911 and 1917. Her schedule became more demanding and as a result, against her doctor’s advice, she died of a hypertension problem in 1919. Her daughter took over her business for the next few generations. “There is on royal flow strewn path to success,” said Madam Walker. “And if there is, I have

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