Madame Bovary Essay

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After reading Part 1 of the story, I really liked how Flaubert started off describing Charles and his life, instead of jumping right to Emma. At first I was confused because he didn’t say anything about her, but then right after the wedding it’s kind of like she jumps in as the narrator. Usually writers describe the main character, but he instead talks about her future husband first. I find Emma to be ungrateful and bossy, but she still comes across as a hopeless romantic. Charles is very lazy and dull, and it seems as if he sees Emma as more of an object than as a person. Charles gets married to a widowed woman named Heloise because his family thinks that she is very wealthy. They soon find out that she isn’t what she says she is and from the humiliation she dies suddenly a week later. After Charles and Emma get married and move into their new house, Emma sees Heloise’s dried bridal bouquet and wonders what would happen to her bouquet is she were to die. I found it very annoying how Flaubert went into great detail about their wedding. He spent almost all of that chapter just describing what people were wearing, how they did their hair, what kind of vehicles the guest come in, then when he talks about what they ate it seemed very unrealistic. When Emma keeps the cigar box I think that its showing how she wants to be in the “upper” class but knows it will not

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